Ultra-Lead Carbon Battery

Lead carbon ultra-battery (LCUB):

  • Lead acid batteries are inexpensive when compared to competing battery technologies, and have a significantly lower power density and higher weight, along with lower cycle life.
  • Significant improvements in the cycle life of lead-acid batteries have been achieved through the incorporation of 1D or 2D engineered carbons into the negative plate in lieu of conventional carbon black/activated carbon, as a direct addition to the negative active mass, acting as an electrochemical pseudo capacitor.
  • Carbon modification has provided new life to the ageing lead-acid battery technology, enabling its use in hybrid vehicles as well as stationary storage.
  • Charging time usually takes for conventional Pb acid batteries C/3 while we are achieving C/1.5 for our LCUB with our certain amount of own engineered carbon addition.
  • Similarly, cycle life is normally 500 to 600 cycles while we are achieving around 1200 cycles by the same carbon modification.

Benefits of Ultra Lead Carbon Battery

Environmentally friendly
Consistent Electrical properties
High reliable performance
> 1000 cycles
Nordische developed a technology to overcome fundamental flaws of the lead-acid batteries and recommend novel lead-carbon batteries. This innovative product is widely accepted by renowned institutions and industries. The patented technology found in lead-carbon batteries uses a special advanced technology carbon-based anode formula, developed to completely replace traditional regular sulphuric lead-acid batteries.


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