Green Hydrogen from Sea Water

Why We Need Sea Water Mining for Green Hydrogen

India is targeting production of five million metric tons of green hydrogen by 2030. However, a discourse on its primary feedstock, water, is almost missing. Green hydrogen is produced by splitting water molecules using electrolyser through a process that does not lead to carbon emissions. To achieve India’s current requirement of 6 million tons of green hydrogen, it will need close to 200 million tons of water. Hence Seawater mining is becoming increasingly important and offers a potential solution to this problem by providing a sustainable source of fresh water. Nordische Energy systems has developed the path breaking sea water mining process.


Green hydrogen can be produced from seawater using a process called electrolysis, which involves splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen using an electric current. The process can be done using renewable energy sources like solar or wind power, which makes the hydrogen produced “green” or renewable. Hence, the hydrogen produced is completely carbon-free and does not contribute to climate change. Furthermore, seawater is an abundant resource, making it an attractive option for countries with limited access to other renewable energy sources.

Nordische Proposal for Sea-water Mining

Nordische Technologies is providing a global solution for compact, high-quality and reliable solar-based green hydrogen solution with robust connectivity to innovative on-demand energy and infrastructure solutions that meet the needs of the next generation of energy requirement.

Green hydrogen links renewable electricity with a range of end-use applications acting as a complement of electrification. The context of decarbonization, green hydrogen is the only zero-carbon option for hydrogen production, green hydrogen can achieve cost-competitiveness with fossil-based hydrogen today in ideal MOVING TOWARD HYDROGEN ECONOMY locations with the lowest renewable-cost along with we can successfully extract Lithium and other precious metal. The key to solve the problem of climate-neutral and economical green hydrogen catalyst, Nordische technology is providing an innovated Ni-based electrocatalyst which should not only work with high efficiencies but should also be cost-effective and abundant. Nordische is providing a sustainable Blue Economy ecosystem represents a unique opportunity for stakeholders at all levels, public and private, to share ideas and opportunities, create innovative new partnerships, and work together towards turning the Blue Economy concept into tangible actions, which will deliver sustainable economic development.

We herein reported the design of a continuous electrical pumping membrane and electrolyzing process, which successfully enriched generation of commercial grade hydrogen and Lithium.