Solar Cells from Lead Acid Waste Batteries

Perovskite solar cell from LAB:

  • Perovskites material is the specific crystal structure, ABX3 where A stands for a bigger cation (organic/inorganic), B is generally Lead atom and X are the anions generally halogen atoms.
  • The basic Lead iodide required for our perovskite materials development is synthesized by recycling the spent sulfonated Lead acid battery electrode active mass as per the in-house chemical techniques.
  • In our R&D we have successfully developed a perovskite layer with the same synthesized Lead iodide and fabricated the solar cell which shows good photocatalytic activity under 1 SUN incident illumination.
  • In order to improve cell efficiency and sustainability for imminent commercialization, research work is underway with different additives and process optimizations.

 Drawbacks of Lac Acid Batteries

  • Lead-acid batteries may bring about lots of pollution accidents such as fires, explosions, poisoning and l, and leaks, contaminating the environment and damaging the ecosystem.
  • Lead-acid batteries pose a potential threat to human health and the environment if improperly discarded.
  • Hence, a sustainable method of utilization of waste produced is required and an alternative approach instead of lead is a must.
  • To curb the whole scenario, we have developed a technology to develop solar cells from lead waste batteries.
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